Zita Super Protein 21 official partner of Dorians Coastal Challenge

Dorians Challenge

February 28, 2018

Dorians Challenge is proud to announce ZITA Dairies Industry Ltd and its latest product, Zita Super Protein 21, as “official partners” of the upcoming Dorians Coastal Challenge that will be held in May 5th, 2018 at Limassol Molos.

This new partnership is in line with Dorians Challenge strategy and commitment in partnering with local and international brands and products that actively support and encourage healthy lifestyle, well-being and sports.

About Zita Dairies

ZITA Dairies Industry Ltd started out in 1982 as a small family dairies industry and is involved since with the production of dairy products distinguished for their unique taste and superior quality. Today, the firm has grown to such a level that is widely appreciated as one of the key players in the local marketplace.

ZITA belongs to the generation of the new, ultra-modern industrial food production units of Cyprus that successfully combine the traditional ways of production with advanced technology systems and scientific knowhow.

Protein Yogurts are now Re-defined

Zita Super Protein 21 is a new and innovative product that has been recently launched by Zita Dairies Industry Ltd. Zita Super Protein Fat Free Yogurt is probably the ultimate product for building lean muscles, for sports recovery, for enhancing the immune system, for weight loss and management, for boosting energy and enhancing enhance alertness.

Available in two flavors, berries and strawberry, Zita Super Protein is packed with 21g of high quality protein and 4.5g BCAA, it has zero fat, it is lactose free and has no added sugar.

Zita Super Protein 21 fits the active lifestyle of any athlete, fitness enthusiast, busy professional or sporty teenager alike.

To learn more, visit the official page of Super Protein 21.

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