What to wear during Dorians Challenge

Dorians Challenge

July 26, 2016

Dorians 1Your clothing should not be an additional obstacle during Dorians Challenge. Here are few tips on what to wear on the event day.

HEADBAND with BIB Number: We supply it during the registration. Wearing it during the run is obligatory for two main reasons. During the first Dorians Challenge we will introduce a new technology that will allow us to locate you easily in photographs and classify your images into folders uploaded to the cloud. Within 48 hours after the event, by using your BIB number, you will be able to easily search, find, download, share and print your images for free. Second, headbands will enable us to spot if any ineligible individuals are taking part in the course. Headband will also keep sweat off your eyes.

GLOVES: Grip matters during any obstacle run or race. Gloves will give you extra support when rope climbing and monkey hanging. Will also protect your hands from ripping up.

SHOES: Essential for any obstacle run. We suggest light, comfortable and, if possible, water resistant. Tie them tight so that you don

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