Stay fit during summer using a single kettlebell.

Dorians Challenge

August 2, 2017

Kettlebells are probably the most convenient exercise tool. Drop a kettlebell at the trunk of your car to stay fit all summer long or burn up to 20 calories/minute.

Below is a list of 20 exercises you can perform by the beach or anywhere using a single kettlebell:

1. Swings (double or single handed)
2. Clean
3. Jerk
4. Snatch
5. Turkish getups or half getups
6. Russian twists
7. Sumo deadlifts
8. Single leg deadlift
9. Front squat
10. Strict shoulder press
11. Floor chest press
12. Reverse lounges
13. Bend rows
14. Bicep curls
15. Overhead triceps extensions
16. Push press
17. High pull
18. Figure 8
19. Around the body pass
20. Box or bench steps

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