Partnership with Scaffolding Solutions brings new and massive obstacles

Dorians Challenge

November 6, 2016

Dorians 1

Wednesday, 7 December 2016 – Dorians Challenge is excited to announce its partnership with Scaffolding Solutions – a professional scaffolding company that has been trading in Cyprus and abroad since 2010. Scaffolding Solutions is probably the only company currently operating in Cyprus that has undertaken offshore projects including submarine bases, marine shipping yards as well as oil and gas drilling platforms.

The company’s expertise in mobile over sea works, its commitment in a 360º health and safety approach and the hazard-free accomplishment record that the firm holds are in full line with the nature and concept of the upcoming Dorians Coastal Challenge. This new strategic partnership brings a minimum of four new, massive and way more challenging obstacles during the Dorians Coastal Challenge.

The partnership also distinguishes Scaffolding Solutions among the Official Partners of Dorians Coastal Challenge and brings the people of the two companies together in drafting new obstacles for the 2017 runs and races.

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