NEKKI now set as ‘Official Sponsor’ of Dorians Challenge 2017

Dorians Challenge

August 30, 2017

Dorians Challenge is glad to announce NEKKI as the first ‘Official Sponsor’ of the third Dorians Challenge obstacle run.

Nekki was established as a browser games company in 2002. The word “nekki” stands for “enthusiasm” in Japanese. Solely based on the enthusiasm of its founders, Nekki grew out of a hobby project to a world-renowned mobile games brand with currently over 100 employees.

By 2010, the company shifted its focus to mobile gaming and subsequently became internationally known for its three popular game brands – Shadow Fight, Vector and 11×11. In 2016, the company opened its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus.

Nekki is financially independent and grows by re-investing its own profits, without any outside investments. This way it stays open-minded for experiments and innovative ideas, which play key roles in company’s success.

As a leading publisher of high-quality action and strategy games, Nekki has already inspired more than 350 million people across the globe. With the release of its most ambitious project, Shadow Fight 3, 2017 is designated to be the most exciting year in the company’s history.

The Marketing Department of Dorians Challenge and NEKKI are now closely working on bringing during the upcoming Dorians Challenge event a new challenge that will be inspired by the famous Shadow Fight game.

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