Dorians Junior Challenge

Motivating Juniors to Become Dorians

What is

As part of our mission to encourage physical activities for all ages, and benefitting from the experience we have gained in organising international obstacle events and challenges, we have now developed Dorians Junior Challenge.

The Dorians Junior Challenge consists of outdoor themed obstacle courses and activities for children and teens from 6 to 14 years old. Rope climbing, crawling under nets, getting over walls, balancing on beams, problem solving, target shooting and puzzle building are just some of the fun activities that young Dorians will be called upon to do before completing the course.

The Benefits

By participating in Dorians Junior Challenge, kids can:

  • Develop collaboration, communication and strategic thinking skills from an early age
  • Cultivate a spirit of fair play and respect for their fellow athletes, sporting procedures and the environment
  • Enhance their self-confidence and morale
  • Become motivated to incorporate physical exercise in their daily lives
  • Make new friends and solidify existing friendships

The Dorians Junior Challenge can be organised by:

  • Private and state schools
  • Parent and Guardian Associations
  • Businesses and organisations as part of their activities for the staff children
  • Brands aimed at children, young adults and families
  • Summer school and camping site organisers
  • Municipalities and communities


Dorians Challenge

Tel: +357 22109018


Dorians Challenge is the trading name of V.C Obstacle Mud Events & Fitness Ltd,

a limited liability company registered in Cyprus.

Registration Number: HE343472

VAT Number: CY10343472P


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