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Dorians Challenge

April 5, 2016

Dorians 1Water
This article is designed to help, to give you the quickest, easiest ways to dramatically boost your health…right now…today!
This is by far the easiest ‘instant health booster’ to implement. Drink 1 litre of water per 25Kg’s of bodyweight per day. If this sounds like a lot, which it most likely will, give it a go, be patient and stick with it.
There’s a reason water consumption’s first on our list, it’s the most accessible and the one you’re most in control of. You’ve got 17 hours or so each day, plenty of time, so figure out what method suits you best and get it done.
My minimum’s 4 litres per day, so I’ll have a 1 litre refillable bottle with me, 1 litre by 10am, 2 litres by 1pm, 3 by 5pm and 4 by 8pm.

Six or seven years ago it weirdly became the in thing among aspiring – I’m not really sure what to be honest – ’go-getters’, to denounce sleep as a thing for the weak. ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead!!’ they cried. It’s worth considering that if you don’t get adequate sleep regularly you’re likely to take your final nap sooner than you’d thought.
It’s not cool, it doesn’t make you a harder or smarter worker, heck it’s been used as a legal prisoner interrogation method by many a government over the years! Missing big chunks of sleep even semi-regularly lowers testosterone, increases waking cortisol, increases waking blood pressure and significantly impairs cognitive function.
We can all relate to that lethargic feeling of a few nights of rubbish sleep. In a study conducted by the US Army, after a week of disrupted and shortened sleep patterns soldiers were found to perform worse than if they had been drunk or sedated.
Get 7 hours a night as often as you possibly can!

Let’s get one thing straight, this…isn’t…complicated! People generally come in one of two categories, those who feel they’ve got a little (or a lot) body-fat to lose, and those who don’t. Regardless of the category you fall into, for optimal health and longevity, 80% of the time your meals should consist of naturally occurring, un-processed foods. The remaining 20% is yours to do with what you will. I find keeps a nice balance provided you can be honest with yourself.

For those in Group 1, the ‘would like to lose a little’ group, aim to populate your plate with 1 1/2 – 2 palm sized portions of protein, 2 fist sized portions of non-starchy vegetables, and a thumb sized portion of fat.
You lucky Group 2’s, your plates are graced with 1 1/2 – 2 palm sized portions of protein, 2 fist sized portions of non-starchy vegetables and 1 palm sized portion of starchy gluten-free carbs.

Getting outdoors
Vitamin D supplementation is a great option to have, particularly living in the UK, but it’ll never trump the real thing. Adequate sun exposure offers a laundry list of health benefits from increased bone density, improved immune functioning, regulation of insulin and improved general hormone balance. Being out in the sun just flat out feels good! A weekend hike, throwing a rugby ball around in the park, reading a good book sat outside a coffee shop or a Saturday morning jog along the river. Time is a rare commodity, get outside when you can, your body and mind will thank you for it.

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