General Info

What is Dorians Challenge?

Dorians Challenge was the original obstacle course, held on October 15th, 2016 in the Kornos area in Larnaka, and consisting of a 5km untimed run with 20 obstacles. More than 1,000 people from all over Cyprus and 11 other countries participated in the event.
Dorians Coastal Challenge is the second episode of Dorians Challenge, a series of themed obstacle runs and races inspired from the ancient Dorian tribe, Greek mythology and history as well as leading international obstacle course events.

What makes Dorians Challenge and its events unique?

Dorians Challenge allows participants the opportunity to conquer ‘obstacles the world has never seen’. We are probably among the very few obstacle-event organisers worldwide who place enormous value on health, safety, hygiene and quality for participants, spectators, staff and contractors, both before, during and after the Event. We have Occupational Health & Safety procedures as well as a Quality Management System in place.

We also make use of cutting edge technology advances to make the whole experience smooth, safe and memorable. Our people make Dorians Challenge and all other runs and races one of its kind. We bring together skilled and passionate young people from diverse professional and educational backgrounds.

We partner with the industry’s foremost and world-known companies and individuals with expertise in similar events in order to ensure ours will be professionally and efficiently organized.

Who can register for Dorians Coastal Challenge?

Dorians Coastal Challenge is open to everyone over 16 years old, from people who exercise little or moderately to performance athletes, from corporations who want to cultivate a team spirit among their staff members, to all year swimmers and non-swimmers.

Do I need a team to participate?

No, you can join either as a Solo Dorian, or as a member of a team. If attending Dorians Challenge alone, please note that you will need to team up with other Dorians during the run to successfully conquer the obstacles. Remember, no man is an island and Dorians Challenge not only tests your physical condition, strength and mental toughness but also challenges your team spirit.

Are you a registered company?

Dorians Challenge is the trading name of V.C Obstacle Mud Events & Fitness Limited, a limited liability company registered in Cyprus in May 2015. Our Registration number is HE343472, VAT number is 10343472P.

Do I have to attend previous Dorians Challenge events to be eligible to participate?

No, although we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the first of the series before joining the more challenging events to be held in 2017.


How much do tickets cost?

Tickets start from as low as €30 including VAT. As we approach the Event day, ticket price will rise twice by €4. On the Event day, tickets will be sold at the door for €50. Therefore, the sooner you sign up, the greater the discount.

What’s included in ticket price?

Registration allows you to run the course, free parking, a Dorians Challenge Finisher t-shirt, the right to use the on-site facilities and unlimited access to the Event’s images and videos.

Can I register for Dorians Challenge by phone or mail?

No. All registrations must be completed online.

Are there any other available ticket payment methods?

Unfortunately not. Ticket purchase is only available online. Cash purchase of tickets is only available at the venue on the day of the Event and only if the Event is not sold out.

What is the processing fee about?

The processing fee is mandatory and involves card handling charge and registration and the processing of event applications.

Is the credit card provider safe?

Our online registration provider, Eventbrite, uses industry leading payment processors so your transactions are safe.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden costs. You’re paying for the registration fee plus the processing fee. That’s it.

Can I buy a Dorians Challenge ticket from a shop?

Tickets are only sold through our website.

Is personal accident insurance included with registration fee?

No, personal accident insurance is not included in the registration fee. In any case, we strongly suggest that you insure yourself against personal accidents.

Can I register on the day of the Event?

We offer Event day/Last Minute registration only if the Event is not sold out. Tickets may be purchased at the Registration tent and only in cash. In such a case, early bird and group discounts do not apply. Event day tickets will be available for €50. Registration fees also apply during Event Day/Last Minute registrations.

The wave/heat time I’d like to join is sold out. Can you add me in?

Once a wave/heat time is sold out, we cannot add you, your friend, teammate or spouse to the wave. Registration opens almost six months before an Event. We strongly encourage you to sign up for Dorians Challenge as early as possible to make certain that you will run at a time convenient and you benefit from early bird and group discounts.

Do you offer refunds?

Please consult our Terms & Conditions for refunds and cancellation policy.

I am pregnant. Can I participate?

If you are pregnant or believe you are pregnant, we suggest you consider participating in the next Event rather than this one. Don’t put your pregnancy at risk. If you wish, you can join Dorians Challenge as a spectator.

I recently had an operation. Can I register for the Event?

This depends on you and your doctor. If your doctor allows you to participate, then by all means do so. If not, then be part of the first Dorians Challenge as a spectator.


Are spectators allowed on the Event day?

Yes, you can bring your friends, your partner, family members, colleagues and minors with you. Please note that spectators are not allowed to follow you during the run. There will be designated spectator areas at the Start and Finish Lines to take pictures and cheer you on.

Do you charge for Spectators?

Spectators can watch for free. Please note that spectators are not allowed to test any of the obstacles or enter the obstacle course area.

My friends and spouse didn’t run. Can they join me at the Festival area?

Of course. The Festival is for participants, spectators and contributors to celebrate an EPIC Event and your achievement for making it to the Finish Line.

Venue & Facilities

How can I get to the Event?

Click here for a map to the Event.

Do you offer transportation to the Event?

We do not offer transportation to the Event. With the increased interest the Event receives, chances are that a friend, colleague or relative will also be going so that you will be able to share a lift.

Will there be parking?

Parking will be provided near the venue for participants and spectators. As parking space will be limited, we suggest that you arrange carpooling. Please follow our security guidelines to avoid blocking the entrance and to enable us to fit as many vehicles as possible into the parking lot. Please keep as many of your personal belongings in the car and away from the eyes of potential thieves. Dorians Challenge is not responsible for stolen items or any accidents in the parking area.

Will you provide access to wireless internet?

We will not provide access to Wi-Fi but 3G and 4G networks work absolutely fine at the venue.

Will there be showers available?

Showers will not be available.

Can I change clothes at the Venue?

Not in public but in the available changing facilities. We suggest that you come to the Event already dressed to run so as to avoid queues.

Will there be ATM machines?

ATM machines will be available near the festival area. We suggest that you bring some cash for bag-drop, snacks and an extra pint of beer if you wish.

Are credit/debit cards accepted during the Event?

We will not accept any credit/debit card payments during the Event whether that is to buy tickets, extra beer, merchandise or for bag-drop.

Will it be a play area for kids?

We are working hard on setting up for first time a Junior course. More to be announced.

Are pets allowed at the Venue?

Due to Venue restrictions, no pets are allowed.

Can I find medical help during the Event?

We will have staffed intensive care mobile ambulances on stand-by at the event. You will also find a First Aid tent with paramedics. In case of injury or emergency, staff and volunteers will be standing-by to radio the paramedics for immediate assistance. If you see someone is injured during the Event, do not attempt to move them. Find the nearest Marshal and alert them and they will radio for immediate medical support.

What is the Festival about?

It’s all about celebrating your achievement in becoming a Dorian. Music, cold drinks, food and socializing are only part of the Festival area.

Do you offer camping facilities at the Venue?

Camping at the Event venue will not be provided and are prohibited.

Can we picnic or barbecue at the venue?

Picnics and barbecues are not allowed in or near the Event area. If you wish, you can bring a snack and water with you. You can purchase food and refreshments in the Festival Area.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. For your safety as well as that of all the participants and spectators, please respect our policies and the environment.


Should I train before the Event?

Not necessarily, but we encourage as many people as possible to live a Dorians life. Following our training workouts, found for free on our website, can prepare you for the upcoming Event.

Can I print T-shirts with the Dorians Challenge logo?

You can use our logo for printing your team’s T-shirt.

Event Day

What shall I do when I arrive at the Venue?

  • Proceed to the Registration tent with your Participant Waiver and I.D document.
  • One of our volunteers will check you in and give you your headband with your BIB number
  • If you have any personal belongings you would like to keep somewhere, you can drop them at the Bag-drop tent found next to the Registration tent. Ask for a sealed nylon bag, put your belongings inside, seal the bag, write your BIB number on the outside and give the bag to one of our volunteers. Bag-drop service is available for €2. You can pick up your bag at the Finish Line. Please do not bring with you at the Event and do not use the Bag-Drop service for any valuable belongings such as jewelry, expensive mobile phones and watches or any other items of high value. We bear no responsibility and exclude all liability with regard to any loss or damage to valuable belongings and should you place any such items in your sealed bag you do so at your accord and responsibility and in full knowledge of the exclusion of liability of the Organizers.
  • Head to the Start Line.
  • Warm up your muscles with LesMills instructors.
  • Wait for the signal to start the course.
  • Start!

What shall I bring with me on Event day?

You should bring:

  • Your signed Waiver
  • Proof of identity (Photo I.D, Passport, Driving License and University/College I.D are only documents accepted)

We recommend that you also bring:

  • A towel
  • Dry clothes
  • A bag for your wet/muddy clothes post-race
  • Some cash for an extra beer, bag-drop and merchandise

Also, don’t forget to bring your best smile, mental and physical strength and perseverance.

What to do if I’m running late and miss my wave?

Head to the Registration tent and follow the above procedure. We will do our best to make sure you run in the next available wave.

Can I run the course twice during Event day?

We do not offer the option to re-run the course.

How long will it take to run the course?

From 60 minutes to two hours. The time to complete the course depends on how seriously you take the course and how much you and your team have trained.

What time shall I arrive at the Venue?

At least 45 minutes before your wave/heat time. This will give you time to park, familiarize yourself with the venue, catch up with your team, check-in, drop your stuff off and get warmed up for the run.

What if it rains on Event day?

Rains or snow, heat or cold, windy or not, the run will take place. Weather conditions are part of the Challenge. In order for us to postpone an Event, the temperature should exceed 42 degrees or some severe act of God, such as a hurricane, flood or fire, should have taken place.

What should I wear as Participant?

We recommend running shoes, sneakers or military boots. New shoes on run day are not recommended. The terrain is tough therefore we strongly suggest not running barefoot or in high heels. We recommend you run in what you usually train in. Otherwise, you can either wear shorts or long tracksuits, a short or long-sleeved T-shirt. You can also come in fancy dress or a business suit, depending how fast you want to go or to impress. Offensive outfits are not allowed. Wearing jewellery during the course is not recommended.

Can I skip an obstacle?

If you don’t feel comfortable with tackling an obstacle, then skip it. No burpees or other penalties will be imposed for skipping an obstacle.

For Elite wave participants all obstacles are mandatory.

Will there be water stations during the run?

We will have two water stations throughout the course. However, to be absolutely sure that you remain adequately hydrated, we strongly suggest that you bring your own CamelBaks or water bottles.

How do I get my T-shirt?

You can get your Dorians Challenge Finisher T-shirt at the Finish Line. T-shirts are unisex and made of cotton. You will only be able to get the size of T-shirt you stated during the registration process.

What’s not allowed?

The following are strictly prohibited and will not be allowed into the venue:

  • Alcoholic drinks (alcohol can only be bought and consumed at the festival area)
  • Tents
  • Coolers
  • Glass containers
  • Illegal substances and drugs
  • Unauthorized vending
  • Knives or weapons
  • Flammable lanterns or fire of any kind
  • Fireworks or any types of explosives
  • Skateboards, scooters, or personalized motor vehicles
  • Soliciting
  • Charcoal, propane, or gasoline
  • Grills or cooking devices
  • Pets of any size or breed. (Service animals are allowed.)

I’ve lost a personal belonging. What shall I do?

If you have lost something on Event day, please go to the Lost & Found desk situated at the Registration tent. If you realise you left something behind a few days after the Event, please send us an email at info@dorianschallenge.com

Any items unclaimed 30 days after the Event will be donated or thrown away.


Do you provide transportation to Volunteers?

Sorry, we don’t. We suggest that you visit our group on Facebook (Dorians Challenge Volunteers), send a request to join the group and get in touch with numerous other Volunteers to arrange group transportation. Our Facebook group is also a great way of receiving the latest news concerning volunteerism with Dorians Challenge.

What shall I do as soon as I arrive at the Venue?

Head to the Registration tent. There, you will need to present your signed Waiver and proof of identity, check-in, receive and wear your T-shirt and attend the safety briefing. You will then be escorted to the area of your duties, receive a task briefing and start work.

Do you offer training during the Event?

Yes. As a Volunteer on Event day and before taking up your duties, you will have to attend a health and safety, as well as a job tasks briefing. The briefing will last approximately 20 minutes.

What shall I bring with me as Volunteer?

Don’t forget to bring your signed Waiver and proof of identity (Photo I.D, Passport, Driving License and University/College I.D are only documents accepted). The day before the Event, we suggest that you check the weather conditions for Event day. If it is going to be hot, we suggest that you bring and apply a sunscreen, use a cap and wear light clothes (preferably cotton). If windy, cold or rainy, we suggest that you wear long jeans or shirts. Bringing an extra set of clothing is always prudent.

Do I need any qualifications/special skills to register as a Volunteer?

To register as Volunteer, you should:

  • Be over the age of eighteen (18)
  • Use your own transportation to get to the venue
  • Be at the venue by 7 am
  • Sign a Waiver prior to taking over duties and responsibilities
  • Check-in at the beginning and check-out at the end of the event
  • Attend the safety and job tasks briefing on the day
  • Devote your focus and efforts on the event
  • Perform your duties and responsibilities to the maximum
  • Be able to lift at least 10 kg as a woman and 20 kg as a man
  • Wear Dorians’ Challenge apparel at all times during the event.

What do I get for volunteering?

As a Volunteer you will receive:

  • A Dorians’ Challenge Volunteer’s T-shirt
  • Snacks and drinks during the Event
  • Complimentary pass to the post-event festival
  • 50% discount for participating in the next event
  • A Certificate for Volunteering

How do I register as a Volunteer?

To register as a Volunteer, please fill-in the relevant form found on this page.

Do I have to attend any meetings before Event day?

No. You just have to arrive on time on Event day.

What are Volunteers’ duties and responsibilities?

Volunteers help with registration and check-in of participants, bag drop-off procedures, motivating participants, distributing refreshments, keeping queues to a minimum, briefing the course director and helping with keeping the place as we found it at the end.

What time should Volunteers arrive at the Venue?

All Volunteers should be at the Venue by 6:30 am on Event day.

When will I receive the Certificate for Volunteering?

You will receive the Certificate within 10 working days after the Event. Certificates will be sent by post to the address you provided during online registration.

Photos & Media

How does one get Media Permission?

To apply and receive Media Permission before the Event, please email us at info@dorianschallenge.com stating your full name, I.D or Passport number, contact number, media organisation and the type of medium you represent (TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper etc.).

After the Event, media representatives should provide a copy of their footage to Dorians Challenge with all rights. Drones during the Event are not allowed by anyone other than our official partner.

Are media representatives, professional and semi-professional photographers allowed to take pictures and/or videos?

Media representatives and photographers should first obtain permission to take pictures and videos.

When will Event photos be available?

Event photos will be available 2 to 5 working days after the event. As soon as the photos have been posted, you will be notified through our social media channels and our website. A total of 250 promo images will be available on our facebook page soon after the event

Am I allowed to take pictures and videos during the Event?

Yes, you can take as many pictures and hours of video as you wish. The same applies to spectators.

Will you have any photographers on-site?

We will have at least 12 official photographers on Event day capturing your best moments. We will also have a drone, ground moving cameras, as well as Go-Pro cameras.

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