Arla Protein as Gold Sponsor of Dorians Coastal Challenge presented by EuroLife

Dorians Challenge

January 15, 2019

Dorians Challenge is proud to announce Arla Protein as a Gold Sponsor of Dorians Coastal Challenge presented by EuroLife.

About Arla Protein:

Arla Foods responds to the growing number of consumers looking for protein-rich foods, adding to its range Arla Protein with two new products you’ll love: Arla Cottage Cheese Arla Quark as well as another Arla Protein Drink with vanilla flavor.

It is a series of products that help the body and the spirit before and after exercise, as they have natural protein and low fat, making it the ideal for a balanced and excellent physical condition.

Arla Protein Drinks products are nutritional milk beverages ideal for increasing and maintaining muscle mass. They contain 25g of protein in each bottle, 40% more protein than ordinary milk, pure natural ingredients and low fat, and are available in 3 choices: chocolate, chocolate with 50% less sugar and vanilla.Arla Quark is a fresh, natural dairy product that we enjoy as a low fat dairy dessert. It has 20gr. natural milk protein, 0.2-0.3% fat content, does not contain lactose and is offered in 2 choices: natural flavor and strawberry. Made from natural ingredients, it is a perfect delicious dessert for those who exercise or need more energy.Finally, Arla Cottage Cheese combines the enjoyment of cottage cheese with the lowest fat in the market and with the highest protein content. It is low in fat, a source of proteins and vitamins A & D. It has 20 grams of protein and vitamins. natural milk protein and is definitely an excellent alternative for those who care for their diet and exercise. It is offered in 3 choices: natural flavor, with redcurrant / apple and sunflower seeds, grapefruit / fig and almonds.Arla Foods, through its long tradition, offers our dairy products on a daily basis of excellent quality and excellent taste. Products that we love every day to share through a rich range that meets the consumer’s modern needs for natural flavor, health, safety and quality.

Arla Foods’ product line introduces and distributes to the Cypriot market ipH Iakovos Photiades Foodstuff Suppliers Ltd.

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