At Dorians Challenge we believe that team building, communication, leadership, trust, confidence and commitment are best learned and built in the nature. And this is the ultimate reason to accept the challenge and participate with your colleagues at Dorians Challenge and be part of an intense experience that your employees will be talking about for months.

When one of you will hit a climbing wall, someone will be there to give a hand. When someone halfway the rope will think of slighting down, words of encouragement from team members will come. And when someone is just about to quit, someone will be there to give a boost to cross the finish line. Dorians Challenge is grueling but fun. And will give you a sense of collective achievement at the end.
Apart from an obstacle run unlike any other, Dorians Challenge helps you:

  • Get out of the office
  • Motivate and inspire your employees
  • Boost morale and reinforce corporate values
  • Foster team collaboration and communication
  • Retain personnel with fun and challenging activities
  • Increase employee engagement scores
  • Show off just how challenging and capable your company is

Remember! Dorians Challenge is a non-competitive obstacle run. It’s about crossing the finish line together. And when you and your team are together, everyone can succeed.

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