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Dorians Coastal Challenge provides the opportunity to local and international businesses, organizations and individuals to receive prominent exposure to a large and broad audience - before, during and after the event. It will enable you to associate your brand with a sports event that promotes perseverance, team spirit, good sportsmanship, healthy living and good clean fun.
Exposure: Promote your brand by including it in our advertising materials. We will be producing and distributing 2,500 t-shirts, 1,200 posters and 20,000 leaflets, a press conference banner, entry passes and invitations.
Go viral: As a sponsor, you will receive significant digital coverage, buzz and anticipation with your brand visible on our website and a hyperlink to your official website, as well as through social media with your logo included on e-banners, videos and images uploaded and shared across social media channels and profiles.
Go on-air: Receive publicity during radio spots and interviews and during the live web TV streaming coverage of the event.
Showcase: Use the on-site exhibition space to demonstrate, distribute or even sell your products and/or services to an estimated number of over 2,500 people.