General Info

2017 starts with DORIANS COASTAL CHALLENGE powered by Hellenic Bank, an event among very few of its kind. WORLDWIDE! Get your ticket NOW at the price of €35


SATURDAY, 8 APRIL 2017 – The season starts with Dorians Coastal Challenge powered by Hellenic Bank, an obstacle run unlike any other held in Cyprus and among very few of its kind. Worldwide!

Dorians Coastal Challenge powered by Hellenic Bank is a 5Km long run with 20+ obstacles and challenges along the sandy CTO Beach and in shallow waters (1 meter maximum depth approximately). During the Costal Challenge you will conquer all our signature obstacles along with 10 NEW obstacles that will challenge your endurance, perseverance, mental toughness and team spirit. We don’t say that it will be easy, we say that it will be a significant challenge of your mind and body, a fun day out, a no ordinary experience, and an event to remember and chat about for months to come.


The Challenge is open to everyone over 16 years old and do not have or suffer from any serious health condition. You can join the event as a Solo Dorian (individual) or as a member of a team.

The event also aims to attract:

  • People who exercise little, moderately or are performance athletes,
  • Businesses, organizations and departments that would like to develop team spirit among their staff members,
  • All year swimmers and non-swimmers.


Dorians Coastal Challenge powered by Hellenic Bank will be held at CTO Beach in Larnaka, a well-known venue easily accessible from all districts of Cyprus. CTO Beach will accommodate the administration area, the course area and the parking.

The administration area will comprise the entrance and help desks, a ticket sales office, the registration desk, the bag drop off area, the crisis management centre, first aid and physiotherapy spot, exhibitors’ booths, changing facilities, showers, toilets and a kids’ playground.

The course area includes the LesMills warm up stage, the start line, the 5km route with obstacles, two refreshment stations and the finishing line. The venue also offers free high speed internet access.


Plan to arrive 45 minutes before your wave/heat time. This will give you time to park, familiarize yourself with the venue, catch up with your team, check-in, drop your stuff off and get warmed up for the run.


Free parking will be provided near the venue for participants and spectators. As thousand of Dorians is expected to attend the run and the parking space will be limited, we suggest that you arrange carpooling. Parking your vehicle by the motorway will be prohibited by the Police.


Try and leave as much stuff as you can at home or in your car— but for the stuff you can't leave behind, or that you don't want covered in mud and water, we will have a Bag Drop station to check in your personal belongings. Check in is €2 per bag.


Bring your friends, your partner, family members, colleagues and minors with you. Spectators are always welcome for FREE. Please note that spectators are not allowed to follow you during the run. There will be designated spectator areas at the Start and Finish Lines to take pictures and cheer you on.


Event photos will be available 3 to 5 working days after the event, free of charge. As soon as the photos have been posted, you will be notified through our social media channels and our website. A total of 250 promo images will be available on our facebook page soon after the event.


If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.