Four simple steps to…HEALTH
5th April 2016

WaterThis article is designed to help, to give you the quickest, easiest ways to dramatically boost your health…right now…today!This is by far the easiest ‘instant health booster’ to implement. Drink 1 litre of water per 25Kg’s of bodyweight per day. If this sounds like a lot, which it most likely will, give it a go, be patient and stick with it.There’s a reason water consumption’s first on our... READ MORE

Exercise should be (5-alive)
5th April 2016

1 – ChallengingBeing challenged often conjures thoughts of, ‘Ugh, I’ll be lying in a pool of my own sweat, tears and broken dreams in thirty minutes…’ If that’s your thing, great, but intensity’s not the only branch on the challenge tree.Learning a new skill, actually taking things slowly and mastering a movement such as a squat, conquering a fear like swimming or the dizzying heights of a... READ MORE

The role of competition as a catalyst for community development
5th April 2016

For some time now the topic of competition among primary and secondary school-age children has been keenly debated. On the one hand, some feel that too much competition ostracises less able children, whatever the task, and on the other, that lack of competition may simply result in apathy towards life. I’m inclined to side with the ‘pro-competition’ camp on this, not because I necessarily feel it... READ MORE