15th March 2017

On Saturday, 8 April you are running the first ever obstacle run with obstacles by the beach and in the sea and you want to better prepare for this challenge. These three weeks leading to Dorians Coastal Challenge powered by Hellenic Bank, make sure that every day contains food and snacks high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat. Here are few Dorian Meal Ideas that meet that bill... READ MORE

Calcium and absorption
19th April 2016

Calcium is a very important mineral that is essential to the human body. All body tissues need calcium. Calcium travels in the blood throughout the body. The parathyroid hormone helps regulate it. Bones and teeth contain 99% of calcium and tissues and extracellular liquid 1%. The main role of calcium in the human body is structural but it is also essential for muscle contraction, blood... READ MORE

Hydration: why is it so important for good health?
19th April 2016

Water is very important for human bodies to stay healthy and… alive. Every tissue, every organ and cell of the body needs water to work properly. Water helps our bodies to be hydrates, to maintain a stable temperature, to remove waste, transport nutrients inside the body and lubricate joints. Water is necessary for survival. The quantity of fluids that enters the body must be almost equal to the... READ MORE

What is “sports” or “athletic anemia” and how can it be prevented?
5th April 2016

“Sports anaemia” occurs when trained athletes experience low levels of blood haemoglobin (normal levels are to 14-17.5 g/dl for men and 12-16 g/dl for women), as well as low haematocrit and low ferritin levels [1,2,3]. Some factors that may cause this kind of anaemia are [6,5]: Inadequate iron intake Poor iron absorption Loss of iron through sweat Destruction of red blood cells Gastrointestinal... READ MORE

Four simple steps to…HEALTH
5th April 2016

WaterThis article is designed to help, to give you the quickest, easiest ways to dramatically boost your health…right now…today!This is by far the easiest ‘instant health booster’ to implement. Drink 1 litre of water per 25Kg’s of bodyweight per day. If this sounds like a lot, which it most likely will, give it a go, be patient and stick with it.There’s a reason water consumption’s first on our... READ MORE

Exercise should be (5-alive)
5th April 2016

1 – ChallengingBeing challenged often conjures thoughts of, ‘Ugh, I’ll be lying in a pool of my own sweat, tears and broken dreams in thirty minutes…’ If that’s your thing, great, but intensity’s not the only branch on the challenge tree.Learning a new skill, actually taking things slowly and mastering a movement such as a squat, conquering a fear like swimming or the dizzying heights of a... READ MORE