Dorians Challenge is a series of themed obstacle runs and races inspired from the ancient Dorian tribe, Greek mythology and history as well as similar events held elsewhere in the world.

Whether an individual or a team, a physically inactive person or a fitness fanatic, a corporate team that wants to escape the ordinary or a group of outdoor activities mates, you are always welcome to join our obstacle courses. Each course is designed to challenge the strength, endurance, perseverance, mental toughness and team spirit of participants, it gives a sense of achievement at the end and something you will be talking about for months to come.


The Dorians Challenge series of courses, currently comprises of four obstacle runs and races, each with a different target audience, track distance, obstacles and challenge level.

Dorians Challenge: This is the original obstacle run. A 5 to 6km long course consisting of valleys, hills, steep slopes, river basins, pine trees and dense vegetation and 20 obstacles. Dorians Challenge is an untimed event for everyone over the age of 18, from first time obstacle runners and people who exercise moderately to elite athletes.

Dorians Coastal Challenge: The second episode of the series, a course tougher than the original Challenge and an obstacle course among very few of its kind worldwide. The Dorians Coastal Challenge is also a non-competitive course consisting of a 5km run with over 20 obstacles along a sandy beach and in shallow waters. Dorians Coastal Challenge is open to everyone over 16 years old, from people who exercise little or moderately to performance athletes, to all year swimmers and non-swimmers. This run promises to be a challenging course, a fun event, and a lifetime experience.

Dorians Ultimate Challenge: 12 km of the roughest terrain, with 30+ obstacles and with participants racing against the clock, Dorians Ultimate Challenge is the perfect race for those wishing to hone their body and challenge their spirit. The Ultimate Challenge will be the first timed obstacle race ever held in Cyprus.

Dorians Survival Challenge: The first survival challenge ever held in Cyprus and the toughest of all Dorian courses. Planned, organized and guided in association with Marine Veterans and survival professionals with international expertise, Dorians Survival Challenge is a grueling 24-hour challenge for teams of 2 to 4 people. The Survival Challenge will be held for first time by the end of 2017, in a real wilderness environment, under controlled and unexpected conditions and a considerable cash prize for the first team to survive and cross the finishing line.


Dorians Challenge is more than jumping walls, crawling on muddy trenches, rope climbing, jumping over fire and carrying logs. It is the Ultimate Team Building and Workplace bonding event. Traditional corporate leadership and teamwork development seminars on conference rooms and exercises on whiteboards is boring. For businesses and departments searching for ways to strengthen communication, build trust, trace leadership skills, enhance teamwork and boost morale, Dorians Challenge is a great start.

An essential part of ancient Greeks and our culture is that no man is an island. Cultivating a team spirit to overcome adversity is what we’re all about and it is in this spirit that we support a number of worthy causes.

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